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NRI Offer

Stay for 2 nights and get 3rd night stay absolutely free.
3Days & 2 nights...just 7700.
Why wait for a weekend?When you get more luxury on week days.
Tuesday is now Lucky Day.Visit us on tuesday and enjoy a free stay on Wednesday
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Ayurvedic Massaging

The primary idea and purpose of Ayurvedic massage just as all other Ayurvedic treatment protocols are to help break and remove the toxins within the gross and subtle bodies. The toxins (Ama) are understood to be leftover putrefied-food stuff that has taken a grease-like form.
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Monsoon Offer

The monsoon season is also known as the rainy season, coming about due to a shift in wind directions that bring excessive rainfall. Book Your rooms for Monsoon Season and get 20% off on Room Tariff , Food & Bevarage.